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Orilogic Products

Orilogic's range of enterprise software products address the most critical needs of organizations today. The result of years of savvy business & cutting edge technological experiences coupled with the most stringent quality development standards, Orilogic's products provide the crucial success components to many our customers.

Pdt_Box_PrintFlow.gifOriNet PrintFlow


OriNet PrintFlow is a web based client-server network printing software that enhances printing throughput, reliability & manageability in an organization.





OriNet WebPOS


Pdt_Box_WebPOS.gifOriNet Web-based Retail Management & POS system delivers the speed and flexibility needed at checkout to keep lines moving.


Ensure an outstanding in-store customer experience every time with an in-store system that makes all transactions easy with intuitive screens, and lets you increase cash-in per customer with up sells based on customer history. The power of the web enables you to quickly check and order stock from suppliers to satisfy customer needs.





OriNet CMS


Pdt_Box_CMS.gifWhether you’re managing a corporate web identity, deploying a company intranet, setting up your online business, or hosting a virtual community of specific interest, OriNet Content Management software helps you achieve your goals with ease and speed.


Orilogic has customized, integrated and deployed OriNet CMS solutions for many of our customers.




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