Pdt_Box_PrintFlow.gifOriNet PrintFlow is a web based client-server network printing software that enhances printing throughput, reliability & manageability in an organization.






Windows Active Directory Integration

  • Seamlessly integrates with your Active Directory setup

Throughput Efficiency

  • Harness the power of multiple printers, maximizing throughput capabilities, eliminates reliance on single printer & optimizes printer redundancy 

Intelligent Print Load Detection & Distribution

  • Automatically detects & reacts based on print jobs sent
  • Allows user selection of either manual printer distribution or auto-loading of print jobs
  • Distributes print jobs to printers located nearest to user 

Print Reliability
  • Detects printer errors & ensures print jobs are sent only to functional printers
  • Automatically redirects unprinted pages without page loss

Global Printer Pool Diagnostics

  • Displays conditions of all printers & print jobs in user-friendly GUI

Intelligent Load Balancing
  • Automatically load balances print jobs to next available least used printer

Intelligent Print Tracking & Audit
  • Captures user information & image of print jobs sent for audit tracking purposes

Powerful Print Management
  • Configure printer locations, define user print quota, set email alerts, view print logs & reports, manage print users & administrators & more


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Global printer diagnostic status monitoring & management on an interactive UI



Track print job details like file name, type, sender date & time, content, etc

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